Kashin Em Demisleed
Kashin 1
Name Kashin Em Demisleed
Gender Male
Eyes brown
Hair brown
Professional Status
Occupation Trump of Honor member
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance


Kashin Em Delmisid is one of the main characters of Trump. He is currently the homeroom teacher and guardian of Hyacen


The Ajussi taking care of Hyacen. His Innate Mana is Air. He was a member of the Honorable Trump, holding a very high position, but he reside after getting custody of Hyacen. He always wears a serene expression and is able to make other feel at ease. Though he seems to act like an idiot, as far as Hyacen is concerned, he always follows his own plans and is terrifyingly cold minded.


Kashin has been taking care of Hyacen since the day Ran left his son. He cares for Hyacen so much that he told him to wipe out his memories of his father. His love for Hyacen exceeds that of his care for his childhood friend Ran as was shown when he decided to sold out Ran's latest picture to Ten in order to erase all evidence pertaining to Hyacen's existance.
In their childhood days, Kashin and Ran constantly fights because of Senika . This fight almost lead to Kashin's death and caused a severe injury to Ran. Once they were able to go to school, the two of them somehow settled their differences and were able to become friends. As of the moment, Kashin can no longer tolerate Ran's actions and decided that it would be best for Hyacen to forget his memories about him.


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